"Work in a team of students under the guidance of experts to push the boundries of reality"

About the Minor

The minor Immersive Media is a minor organised by the Saxion Creative Media and Game Technologies study program. Within the minor Media students get 5 months to work full-time with new and interesting types of technologies to design and create solutions to real-life problems found in the creative industry. These solutions will normally take the form of a product or prototype in the areas of virtual/augmented reality, animation, (embodied or digital) gaming, visual effects, etc. You will work in teams with other students from different disciplines under the guidance of a coach. Within these groups you will choose a role that fits your current knowledge and skills but also allows you to learn new topics. In the minor you will mostly work in the CMGT immersive media lab.

The result of the minor should be a relevant and interesting professional portfolio item, new skills, new knowledge and new contacts within the creative industry.

Organisation and applying

The minor Immersive Media is organised by the Saxion Creative Media and Game Technologies study program in Enschede. The minor is open for all students, either from Saxion or other universities. Partaking in the minor requires you to be in full-time available in Enschede for the duration of the minor.

For more information and to subscribe Saxion students can go to the Saxion website.
Other students can subscribe to the minor through www.kiesopmaat.nl.


Here you will find a list of project in which you can participate. Given your preference you will work in one of the project groups at the start of the minor.

  1. Storytelling in Hyper Reality
    MADlab (Studio MAD, 100%FAT, ReCreate)

Storytelling in Hyper Reality

MADlab (Studio MAD, 100%FAT, ReCreate)

Hyper Reality is a branch of virtual reality that overlays the real world with the virtual one. By using precision positional tracking of different body parts like the hands, fingers and feet, object in the virtual world can be lined up with object in the real world. This means that the virtual world is touchable and interactive which allows users to experience a truly immersive virtual reality experience.

MADlab is a cooperation between StudioMad, 100%FAT and Recreate with the aim to build a commercially exploitable Hyper Reality experience. Currently there is a prototype installation available that allows users to experience hyper reality. However what is still lacking is a visual compelling experience that utilize good VR scenes and technologies to create a truly immersive VR experience. MADlab would like to ask you to help in building these experience with the purpose promoting and commercialising and new to be build hyper reality installation.


MADlab would like to ask you to:

  • Create a visual compelling post-apocalyptic style for an hyper reality experience. After a style has been defined work out several assets for a few demo experiences.
  • Create an engaging 10 to 20 minute immersive story-line for a VR experiences. Hereby looking at VR specific story-telling techniques and theory. Use gray-boxing to test the storyline in virtual reality.
  • Research and test different technologies and scenes that can enhance the immersive experience, hereby using the created assets.
    Some examples of scenes and technologies we would like to see tested are:
    • How can we best utilize heights.
    • How can we incorporate large scale creatures.
    • Can we use redirected walking.
    • How to work with or around the uncanny valley.
    • Can we utize adaptive field of view for the reduction of motion sickness.


Topics: Unity programming skills, 3D modelling & animating, storytelling and concept art.